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Jam room is continuing to compile a list of rehearsal rooms around
Australia for easy reference when you need a room in a hurry. We will
continue to add new locations as we come across them. If you are
aware of any great jam rooms you have used or heard of and we do
not have them on our page please feel free to send us an email with
their details. We would be more than happy to add them to our list.

We are also adding a list of blogs with handy tips and videos that we
feel may help someone at some time. So check out our blog pages.
Jam Room also has a very popular Facebook page that we use to promote
events and artists around Australia. If you would like to be on there just
sent us a friend request and we will add you.

We hope you enjoy our website and Facebook page. If you have any
suggestions to improve our site please let us know. So head on up to
the top of the page to the Rehearsal Room Locations tab and look for
your local area. There might be a room there you have not heard about.

If you have a problem with any of the Rehearsal room links please let
me know. I have found some of the sites do change their pages and links
on occasions. If you get a 404 page error I would love to find out and I will amend.

Happy Jamming

Jam Room