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Acoustic Guitar Full Detailing & Pro setup

What Does Happen When Getting a Pro Setup Done?

You ever wonder where your money is being spent?

Is getting a pro setup done on your new guitar worth it? You would think if you have just forked out good money on a quality guitar it should come ready to roll with no work needed and have the perfect action. From my experience this is not always the case. Most times for me the action is always too high for my liking, string heights need lowering and the neck is not always aligned as it should be.

It does not have to be an expensive guitar either to consider getting a setup done on. I have purchased a super cheap guitar that looked good and after getting a setup done it played like magic. So if you want to save some money might be worth a thought. I recently purchased a fairly expensive Takamine electric acoustic, the action was not too bad straight off the rack but still did not feel the way I wanted. This was a $1,900.00AU guitar Took it down to my local Luthier for a check and yep there were some things that needed fixing/changing. Getting the strings lowered slightly plus there was a slight buzz on the 6th around the 2nd fret needed rectifying. Plus frets around the 12th may need some work. The neck will need a slight adjustment also. The pro setup will set me back about $190AU but if some fret work is needed to getting spot on it could get as high as $299AU. I am sure this price varies depending on your repair shop and the amount of work you get done with them.  But from my experience it is so worth it.

Below is a speed up video of a full detail and pro setup. Well one version of it anyway. I am sure their are some that do less and each would have their own way of doing things. But interesting to watch.


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