Practice Musicians rehearsal


The reason I have created this space is because I believe there is a need for a simpler way to find space to rehearse for bands. I have been searching for practice space on the North side of Brisbane flipping from page to page with not much success. Than I thought why not create a page musicians can come to where all this information is in the one spot.
Last thing we need to be doing is spending hours looking for somewhere that is not only the right price but also close to where we can easily access it. My goal is to gradually add to this page more and more information relevant to musicians mainly focused on rehearsal space and then adding recording locations as well.
I would also love feedback on any rehearsal spaces that you may find that would be worth mentioning on this page. Please feel free to send me an email admin@jamroom.com.au  and I will add them. If you are listed on this website and no longer wish to be, please send me an email and i will remove it.


Thank you for your support and I hope you find this page helpful.